Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Offshore oil rig jobs are both physically demanding and challenging. Because of the sometimes extreme conditions that rig workers operate under, the oil rig companies make the living conditions as comfortable as possible. You can expect your quarters to be of the highest standard and all your food and board costs to be covered. In addition to this your travel expenses are also covered by the company and there is a staff discount program too.

You will need to work a twelve month working probation period to ensure that you are able to provide a good example to your fellow rig workers as well as the company management. This probation period is strictly voluntary and you do not have to perform any extra duties during this period. However, your inability to work the required hours could result in the loss of your income as well as your benefits.

There are three main categories of offshore oil rig jobs, which include:

Roustabouts, or Rammers: Will learn how to operate the crane as well as to operate theintensive engines that it is possible to operate.

Roughnecks: Will learn how to operate as well as to operate the drilling equipment as well as to operate and repair the drilling machines.

Ditto Middens: The main ventilationguidance that is required by the deepwater drilling companies.

The Rig Managers are the supervisors of the drill teams andkey members of the crew registry. They are in charge of the safety and wellbeing of the crew as well as the personnel of the drill team. Rig Managers are in charge of:-


Perks like medical cover,

Insurance and retirement.

Time off- mandatory six months or more

Time off- may be increased to one year.

Duties while on duty- includes keeping the rig company’s operations up to date.

Duties while out of duty- includes keeping the crew up to date with the latest developments and technologies.

Duties after completion of duty-guards the crew when they come back to shore.

This makes the rig manager the manpower provider for the offshore oil industry.

Another job that is not directly related to operating offshore drilling rigs is that of a mud engineer. They are involved in the process of drilling the holes that the oil company is interested in drilling. Their job is to drive the mud pumps which are used to drive the mud into the hole that has to be drilled. This job requires both technological and physical skills. Though the mud pumps are computerized, the operation of the pumps is not without problems. Even while the mud is working it is moving very difficult and is subject to being damages. Thus their job is not only physical but also technical.

Another related to offshore drilling is that of a mudester. They are involved in the removal of the topsoil from around the drilling hole in order to be replaced with fresh fertile earth. Their job is not only physical but also technical. They collect the topsoil, mix it with filings and silt using sophisticated water mixing equipment. It is their job to monitor the flow of the mix back into the hole where the hole is in order to measure the quality of the sample.

How to Use HR Software

A all too common situation for business owners is to have to deal with a large volume of work on a current project. More often than not the business owner will pick up the tab for employees who aren’t available. The situation can last for months. How can a business owner ever afford to pick up the tab for this type of work themselves?

Use Human Resource Software

Companies who have the ability to assign tasks to individual employees can save thousands of dollars annually by using Human Resource Software. HR software is designed to streamline the process of hiring, training, and retention of your employees while costing your business less in the long term.

When using HR software you will have access to a number of different tools related to hiring. One software option is the Certified Employment Recruiters (CER) software. This software offers the features to both job seekers and hiring managers to help you analyze potential candidates, maintain credentials, pay salary ranges, and etc.

You will also have the option to control a database of potential candidates. Using this software you will be able to pull candidates from their personal computers to the corporate bank account. You may also perform “pass profiled” hiring where the software will analyze the candidate’s resume and then match them to the job description.

Employee compensation

Tracking of compensation and benefits is also possible using HR software. In addition to salary, you can track an individuals total pay as well as hours worked. Hours worked are an important component in the compensation equation because it is an indicator of productivity.

Use of an independent contractor

For larger gross companies, you may be interested in hiring an independent contractor. This option can have some advantages but it can also have a large number of disadvantages. The advantage is most companies are familiar with the software and they can usually perform the tasks of hiring and billing without significant assistance from an outside party. But, there are many potential disadvantages as well.

First of all, imagine the cost of hiring extra IT help just to get you through the day. It can quickly add hundreds if not thousands of dollars to the cost of payroll. But, the cost of an independent contractor is much less to hire in the beginning and it can be significantly lower to train in software.

You must consider what is the actual cost of the software. You should also consider any land costs for using an outside employment screening and recruiting service. If you are truly interested in cutting costs, the most economical and probably the least effective option is to hire staffs on a temporary basis at the end of the hiring season. This is a numbers game. You can expect staffing costs to rise as the number of new hires during the hiring season begins to taper off.

You should also understand how HR software works in conjunction with other HR software and adjust your hiring and use of software accordingly. Checks and accuracy of information will obviously be increased when using a staffing software program.