New Employment Growth

New Employment Growth

New Employment Growth

New Employment Growth – With the year 2011 quickly approaching, there are many projections that have been made for the job growth for the year 2011. In addition to those from the government, there are several independent analysts and sources that have accurate job growth information for the year 2011. We will look at several of those sources and results in this article.

US Department of Labor

Last year was a really tough time for the American job market. Not only was the overall job market negative, but it was also extremely competitive. For the first time since the 1990’s, there were more unemployed in the US than jobs. According to the US Department of Labor, employment was at a new high of 8.3%. However, they also say that there are positions that are “not yet funded, but which will be soon.”

The most new employment growth in the last year was in the medical technologies, and service industries. In addition to the medical field, there was also growth in employment in various warehousing industries. The major growth in employment was in professional, scientific, and technical services, including employment by the government. It was there that the job market is strongest.

Despite having a weak economy, the government sector of the economy is growing. According to a report released in February by the US Department of Labor, the unemployment rate is at a lowest level since May of 2008. The unemployment rate is now at 6.7% which is the lowest level in 5 years. It was initially reported as being over 9%. Many economists believe that the level of unemployment will rise higher this year.

US Department of Labor

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How to Build an Online Recruitment Website

Staff retention is a hot issue that many companies are presently dealing with. There are numerous reasons for retaining your existing staff. Things such as low employee turnover, increased productivity, and improved customer service are just a few. Basically, the cost of replacing an employee can be more expensive than paying an out of pocket expense for advertising and interviewing. This is where an online recruitment website can help.

Your online recruitment website should contain a section of exclusive job offers. This exclusive offer should be tailored to the requirements of your company. By excluding certain opportunities you can boost productivity and improve customer service immediately. Here are several tips on how to build an online recruitment website that is effective:

Create a professional and user friendly siteSome recruitment websites are difficult to use because they are designed for small audiences. If you think that this is a big problem then you need to forget about your website. The first thing you need to do is to decide on the website space you want and design it to be very professional. The design of your website is a very important part of its success. Using a logo and text that is professional will give your site the appearance that others can identify it instantly. It will also allow your staff to be able to find the information they need to know to be able to do their job effectively.

Respond to specific search requestsResponding to specific search requests is extremely important in the world of online recruitment. If you are able to respond to these requests then you will be able to attract the best candidates in the shortest possible time. When you receive a request for the employees with skills in a particular technology you should be able to have a website that enables the applicants to find out more about the job on offer. Ads about the job vacancy will also be easier to read for people who are interested in applying for the position.

Create a secure area for applicants to upload their CVWhen you are planning on creating an online recruitment website it is essential that you create an area for applicants to upload their CV’s. By allowing applicants to upload their CV’s you will also be able to get in contact with them in a user friendly manner. You could simply tell them that you are experiencing some problems with the CV’s and you need the applicants help in order to get the issues resolved. This will get the attention of applicants and they will then start to send you CV’s that they have created for you.

Keep the process all in one placeThe online recruitment process is best carried out by collecting all the information and data required to be sent through to a recruitment agency. The information includes applicants details, social security numbers, driving records, character references, and any other information that is relevant to the position you are recruiting for. All of this information is then placed in a database to enable a user to narrow down the job applicant pool to those who are suitable for the position.