How to Get a Job

How to Get a Job

How to Get a Job

How to Get a Job – If you’re looking for a job, you need to be careful how you go about it. There are lots of ways in which a prospective employer can look for someone to fill a position. And there are many job-hunting methods that people use, but effective employment networking is different than most of them.

Employment networking

This is different from job searching in that it focuses on a group of potential employers rather than just one employer. effective employment networking, also known as job-hunting, takes advantage of the knowledge of your network that you have acquired during your time as a student and uses it in order to help you get a job.

The Are You Connected?

The first thing to do to connect with the right people is to know in advance who your network is made up of. This includes former colleagues, parents of friends, class mates, former co-workers, and family members of those you have worked with in the past. You should Furthermore know in advance where your network’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

Other methods

– Business phone directories are a useful resource. They contain information about the different local areas, the types of businesses that operate there, estimated tax rates for businesses and individuals, and list contact numbers for both professional and trade purposes.

– The Yellow Pages are also a good place to advertise employment. They contain both names and phone numbers of both private and public businesses.

– Try local employment agencies. They have both fixed term and temporary assignments. And unlike the other agencies, they have special sections for employment agencies, listing the jobs available in the area in which the agency is located. Send your resume to this section and you will surely be called for an interview.

– Webemployment sites like contain a special section for employers to advertise open positions, along with the job applicants’ information. You have to register at these sites by providing the same information that you would provide to any web based employer.

– Consider building a personal website. Your resume is a selling tool for your personal qualities. Creating a personal website will enhance your abilities to sell yourself.

– A good place to sell your abilities is in your resume. Include a section for a brief overview of your qualifications and experiences.

– Don’t neglect to promote your skills on social media sites. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others provide opportunities to let other people see the skills and abilities that you have.

Along with your resume, you might need to send out a cover letter to the media, so that they can find out more about your skills and background. This is necessary because the purpose of your resume is to give the employer the information that they need to understand why someone should be hired. If the employer decides to contact you for an interview, you must respond with the same information that you provided to them.

If you keep these tips in mind and you base your answers on the input you get when you look for a job, you will definitely find employment.

Employment For Convicted Felons

So, I have a felony on my record. What employment can I get now?

Employment for convicted felons can be difficult to get into because so many companies (and often bars) shy away from hiring felons. With that in mind, here is what I did to get hired:

1) While still in my probationary period, I applied at a major bank branch in affluent downtown padre (Dallas, Tx) on Monday, Nov. 21, 2007. I handed in my resume, acording to the application confirmation number on the back of the building. The next day a recruiter and a shaken looking bank employee told me that I would not be getting a call back and that I should just forget it.

2) Do what my 11 year old son did – Ask.

I found out that there were several big malls around that had extended hours and that I could get a job working the midnight to early morning hours. Being a full-time student, I could not afford to work evenings, so I contacted the recruiter and asked him if I could speak to him instead. He let me know that a call would be given to me after a lunch period or so. I told him my next employment check amount was $900.00 and that I would need to find $400.00 from my pay check within the next week to cover my utility expenses for the next month.

The recruiter told me that the bigger banks in Dallas had a residency requirement and so I found out that I would need to speak to a Receptionist early in the morning on Friday to find out who was in charge of hiring. I waited until about 10:00 before I spoke to the Receptionist. She asked me if I was there for a interview or possible a Receptionist, because I told her that I would be calling to inquire about my interview. I was told to say that I was in the process of following up on an interview and to expect a call back.

The Receptionist phoned me back and said that they were unsure of who I was and where I was going, but that she would call me back within a few days and I should expect an answer by Monday or Tuesday. I called the company and left her a voice mail, told her that I was feeling really excited that I had been given the go ahead and I was wondering if she could help me with this. I heard from her on the afternoon of Tuesday, and they told me that they had an opening that had to be filled immediately, and could I come in on Friday afternoon to fill it. I met with the Manager for 8 hours on Friday before work, and we worked out a deal where I would pay $300.00 rent (the highest price in my price range) and she would work 5 hours a day for 6 days to earn that $300.00. I cant believe that I just made that last demand, but he was very happy to clear up that mess.

End result – I was able to get a new job that allowed me to work inside during the late hours of the day, and I had utility money to cover my utility expenses while I worked. I was also youthful and employed so that I did not have to worry about the bills that I had when I was employed.

In conclusion, I would say that it is possible to get a job, even if your former employer does not extend a hand, at least you are able to network and find a new job that you would like to work for.